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US National Professional Rhythm Championship

USDC: The event that every professional dancer in the United States thinks about every day of their life as they wake up at the crack of dawn, practice, take lessons, practice more, fall and fail, get up and start over again.

  • Report by: Ilya Reyzin
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography & Mary Tweeddale

KOROS!  An Interview with Riccardo & Yulia

We once saw a picture of one of the most well known and likeable couples in the Ballroom Industry, Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko, the current WDC World Professional Latin Champions and within this picture there was that very interesting but very true quote, “Practice As If You Are The Worst, Perform As If You Are The Best.”

  • Report by: Didio Barrera

US National Professional Smooth Championship 2019

As a competitor, artist and athlete, US Nationals is one of the most exciting events of the year to experience.

  • Report by: Alexandra Perzhu
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography & Mary Tweeddale

US National Professional Latin Championship 2019

From the first round, this promised to be an exciting event and we, the audience, judges and fellow enthusiasts, were not disappointed… dancers doing what they do best, giving it all in the moment and creating wonderful moments of artistry, emotion and beauty… Dancing!

  • Report by: Nadia Eftedal
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography & Mary Tweeddale

Open Professional Ballroom from Embassy Ballroom Championships 2019

The definition of Embassy: a deputation sent by one ruler.

  • Report by: Urs Geisenhainer
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography

World Professional Cabaret/Exhibition Championship at USDC.

As a champion years ago in "The World Professional Cabaret” at our prestigious US Championships I was honored and thrilled to be asked to judge. Thank you Wayne Eng for the opportunity.

  • Report by: Tommye Giacchino
  • Photos by: Mary Tweeddale

World Professional American Professional Smooth Championship 2019
Embassy Ballroom Championships 2019

What started with a 20-couple quarter-final and some fairly straight forward cuts, ended with a final that was actually difficult to mark, leaving most judges walking off the floor with a bit of unease.

  • Report by: Larinda McRaven
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography

US National Professional Ballroom Championship 2019

Judging this year’s USDC Championship in Orlando was my honor and my pleasure.

  • Report by: Iveta Faraci
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography & Mary Tweeddale
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