Platinum - a Noble Metal!

Platinum is coveted for its rarity, resilience and versatility.

City Lights Open - a Red Carpet Affair!

City Lights Open is always a Red Carpet Affair, filled with glamour, class and sophistication, but this year it had more than that.

Being Number 1

Thursday January 25 at the City Lights Open in San Jose, California, the National Dance Council came together to celebrate the most accomplished NDCA registrants for 2023.

The Chill Didn’t Reach the Ballroom!

With much of the country under winter storm warnings, temperatures were well below freezing including in Nashville – home of the Nashville Starz!

Oh, Oh, Oh!

As always it was a dancing “Santa’s “ Ho,Ho,Ho for many of the competitors attending the Holiday Dance Classic, or if you say it backwards an Oh, Oh,Oh!

Santa Barbara!

The California Star Ball held at the Hilton in Santa Barbara California this past Thanksgiving weekend was a compact but well-produced event.

Best in Show!

Last night at the Ohio Star Ball, the feature events were the Professional Latin and the Professional Smooth, complimented by a terrific Amateur Ballroom competition.

BYU Dancesport Championships

With the vibrant carpet of Mother nature as our guide, with its smooth transitions from juicy green to yellow and red, flowing to the first notes of crystal white on the peaks of Utah mountains and the golden leaves crunching beneath our feet, we stepped into the home of the BYU Dancesport Championships.

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