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The History of the Fan

Originally published in 2010 and written by the late dance icon, Mr. Frank Regan, this article traces the origin of the "fan position" in international rumba and cha cha.

  • Report by: Frank Regan

Russian Style - Five steps to Upgrade your Musicality

The Musicality criterion is a rather complicated concept. It is possible to spend all your dancing life working on and researching and developing musicality as a criterion.

  • Report by: Artem Bronnikov

March 2008 - A look back (Part 2)

In part 2 of our look back at March 2008, Keith Todd reviews the Vegas Open of that year and Didio Barrera tackles the Florida Superstars.  Plus find out who retired that month and why the IDSF and WDC were in a Madrid courtroom!

  • Report by: Keith Todd & Didio Barrera
  • Photos by: As marked

March 2008 – A Look Back (Part 1)

For this episode in our “Look Back” series we travel to March 2008.

  • Report by: Didio Barrera, Shirley Ballas, Peter Maxwell
  • Photos by: As marked

Defeat fatigue Here it is, your last dance. The music starts and almost immediately your muscles are turning heavy, some of them are burning.

  • Report by: Maxim Arkhipenko

September 2006 - A Look Back (Part 2)

We continue our look back at September 2006 with our overall article from the USDC that appeared in this edition. Also covered were some of the individual reports from the 2006 USA Dance Nationals, held in San Jose, CA that year.

September 2006 – Part I

For this week’s “look back” we go to September of 2006.  This edition featured overall reviews of both the Embassy Ball that featured the WDC World Pro Latin and USDC for that year as well as reviews from many other events. It was a busy edition so we are splitting it into 2 parts.

  • Report by: Keith Todd, Ann Harding, Jennifer Booth
  • Photos by: As marked

May 2004 - A Look Back

Our may edition in 2004 had our initial coverage from the Emerald Ball of that year and a long review of the San Francisco Open b

  • Report by: Keith Todd & Didio Barrera, Shirley Ballas, Denis Tremblay
  • Photos by: As marked
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