Utah Dancesport Challenge 2021

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Utah Dancesport Challenge 2021

It felt surreal flying into the Salt Lake City Airport for the Utah Dancesport Challenge, as the last competition I judged was the US Amateur Nationals in March 2020 in the midst of all the chaos brought by the pandemic.

I always love attending this unique one day, “kids” only event, which is primarily a local competition.

To my surprise this year, it was packed with high level dancing from all over the US, from CA to New Jersey. It was as if the hunger to compete again caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, had united them all to share their love of dancing under the roof of the American Fork High School.

Competition started at 7:30am, running simultaneously in two ballrooms during the daytime session (with most events commencing from a first or a quarter final round) concluding close to midnight with a colorful balloon shower that’s become a tradition and a most anticipated moment for the participants. The energy in the ballroom was welcoming with little surprises planned by the organizers throughout the day.

Congratulations to the organizers Dawid and Natalie Schulz, Cheyenne Murillo and Sasha Altukhov

The results for the Amateur events were as follows:

American Smooth - all Utah final
1st - Brandon Keck & Kaylee Christensen (1111)
2nd - Sawyer Stolle & Serena Keck (3222)
3rd -Tanner Cole & Savana Francia (2333)
4th - Blake Fox & Nicole Ascione (4454)
5th - Nathan Stevenson & Ashton Cole (5566)
6th - Ben Maier & Elisabeth Thompson (6645)

International Latin
1st - Max Firestein & Nicole Mtchedlidze (11111)
2nd - Dave Firestein & Kennedy Eaton (22222)
3rd - Kristers Smits & Shelly Umansky (33333)
4th - Carter Williams & Rylee Arnold (54444)
5th - Daniel Pollack & Alexis Pollack (45555)
6th - Oskar Krimus & Shayna McDonald (66666)

International Standard
1st - Jaren Hopkin & Vashti Smith (21111)
2nd - Robert McShinsky & Jenna Harding (12222)
3rd - Ben Maier & Lucy Maier (33543)
4th - Parley Ford & Elisabeth Thompson (66434)
5th - Brandon Keck & Kaylee Christensen (54365)
6th - Sawyer Stolle & Serena Keck (45656)
7th - Derrick Davis & Nicole Mendenhall (87778)
8th - Thomas Kyle & Liesel Bramwell (78887)

More reports coming soon...........

  • Report by:: Anna Shahbazyan
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