Utah Dancesport Challenge 2022

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Utah Dancesport Challenge 2022

Bright and early start to an amazing day filled with much inspiration and incredible talent.

Utah Dancesport Challenge is an event that captivates one for a full day with endless energy and reestablishes the belief that the new generation is continuing to create something beautiful, embarking on a journey that's so seemingly new, yet reliant on already established principles from history.

Seven on Saturday morning the Gym and the Cave at the American Fork High School woke up as our wonderful MCs, Gary McDonald and Tony Prado, picked up the microphones for the first heats of the day to take the floor. The day commenced softly, as the couples took the floor for their first Waltz.

Some of our favorite events at this competition, in addition to the high level amateur events in all four styles, are the classroom competitions. These couples, dressed in white shirts and black trousers, like a uniform, cover the floor showcasing their newly learned skills in ballroom dancing. Where this journey may take most might be unknown, however, at the moment it's an enjoyable activity allowing all to share their teamwork and friendships with us all.

Some of the preteens were absolutely adorable to watch as well and the talent is so inspiring. Yet for us there seems to be a trend in Latin these days, of maximizing the accuracy of hitting every move and line so strongly, that while judging some of these competitions, our body was in pain (all we could think of was how these children will develop arthritis by the time they are teenagers). And although the technical execution was good, it seemed too severe, taking away from the art created by the use of the body - too mechanical, almost robotic actions. Perhaps this is the reason why today we seem to be lacking the characters and personalities of the couples in Latin divisions.

As the evening events took the floor, it became clear that it's going to be very promising. Amateur Smooth, Ballroom and Latin were all exceptional. Every couple left their hearts on the floor. Some of the results could have perhaps been slightly different from our perspective, but there is a reason why we have a competition, and the act of competing should be training the couples about sportsmanship, respect and perseverance despite the results.

Congratulations to all competitors. This was a perfect preparation for the US Amateur Nationals coming up in just a month. And Congratulations to the organizers of this fantastic event.


Open Latin

1.  Vladyslav Pohorilyi & Celidh McSweveney

2.  Daniel & Alexis Pollack

3.  Seth Eldridge & Natasha Nadler

4.  Matthew Bezzant & Kate Judd

5.  Parley Ford & Natalie Jolley

6.  Blake Fox & Jiaxin Haslam

Open Ballroom

1.  Jaren Hopkin & Vashti Smith

2.  Robert McShinsky & Jenna Harding

3.  Sawyer Stolle & Serena Keck

4.  Parley Ford & Natalie Jolley

5. Brandon Keck & Kaylee Pattillo

6.  Shanden Hoffman & Caroline Money

Open Smooth

1.  Brandon Keck & Kaylee Pattillo

2.  Sawyer Stolle & Serena Keck

3.  Parley Ford & Natalie Jolley

4.  Mason Simkins & Yuuka Fuji

5.  Jaxon Humphrey & Jiaxin Haslam

6.  Shanden Hoffman & Caroline Money

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