Dark Feathers - New Action Movie

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Elite Dancers in a New Action Thriller

Press Release: What is the best dancing scene in a feature film?

There are probably multiple contenders to be named. However, if you miss the dances in the new narrative thriller 'Dark Feather,' it would be a certain pity.

Blackpool dance festival finalists, the marvelous Iveta Pauryte Faraci and Andrea Faraci, open the film with a set of the most graceful waltz steps on this planet, portraying the Queen and King of the ballroom dance field. Following that, a series of likely murder cases are revealed surrounding an exotic ballroom dancer named Kate.

She is a student of dance teacher Amelia, played by the extraordinary Karina Smirnoff, who is a five-time U.S. National Champion, World Trophy Champion, Asian Open Champion and Mirror Ball Trophy on DWTS. Amelia's husband, a private detective who is, of course, a fine dancer, is portrayed by the unusually handsome Gilles Marani, a winner of the 'Dancing with the Stars' TV show.

Kate takes the aforementioned characters (except the dancing queen played by Iveta) as her dance partners, but her previous partners are all deceased, including one played by another 'Dancing with the Stars' winner, Will Orrock. Will the fate of her new partners be different? This is one of the main mysteries in the film.

In this movie, Kate's partners meet their demise without any defense. So, what makes it an action movie? You are correct; Kate is also a secret martial artist, and she likely killed all of, perhaps some, or maybe none of her unfortunate partners. Her dangerous double life is the central driver of the story in the movie. You won't witness her killing anyone on the screen, but you'll certainly understand why Kate carries a deadly aura in the dance studio.

The graceful yet deadly femme fatale Kate, portrayed by Crystal J. Huang, also showcases elegant dancing alongside these elite dancers, demonstrating nothing short of excellence. All the dancing moments in this film are as enjoyable as a top-tier dancing show. However, the finest moment is the solo dance by Amelia played by Karina, which is unearthly beautiful and expressive. It would undoubtedly steal the show if it were not an integral part of the story.

Employing professional dancers in this film naturally enhances the delivery of the story because they offer the most authentic performances as their characters should. Karina plays a dance teacher, and the Faracis play professional dance champions. Dancers perform as dancers. Is there anything more natural than this?

However, not every scene is related to dancing. Karina, as the jealous Amelia, has to display her temper and charms in scenes outside her studio, as does Gilles Marini, who plays the detective husband. Their prior experience as movie actors has proven to be extremely valuable. The audience will certainly recall the casual and elegant Dante in 'Sex and the City' and the stunning Link's Pouty Dance Partner in 'Shall We Dance' (2004). Karina and Gilles both deliver their best performances in their movie careers in 'Dark Feathers.'

Crystal J. Huang, who played the main female lead Kate, also produced and directed this movie. A former beauty queen, award-winning photographer, and software engineer, her lifelong dream was dance and movies, and she has poured her true passion into making this film.

Additional producers are Lan Kay and Ned Kisner.

'Dark Feathers' is a detective action drama with dancing as its backdrop. Such a combination hasn't been seen in movies before. However, the legendary action icon Bruce Lee was a ballroom dancing champion in Hong Kong, and the movie is partially inspired by his life story. You're going to witness fighting with the grace of dancing and dancing with the swiftness of fighting, which is only the surface of a much deeper mystery.

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