Spring Tulip Classic - 2015

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Tulip Ends on High Note!

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The Spring Tulip Classic ended on a very high, note this past Saturday the 6th of June. The well sorted professional show featuring the three Canadian Champions, Anton Lebedev & Anna Borsch doing the Ballroom, Carlos Zapata & Dora Yaneva doing the Cabaret and Kamil Studenny & Anna Pelepenko, was a success featuring all the styles on a high level note!


ST15-smoothThere were also two professional events, the Smooth and Rhythm.  The Smooth had four couples entered and was the most interesting of the two.  Dmitry Ilyushenov & Kateryna Stytsenko won every dance quite easily from where we stood and they took the prize home.  Their only challenge from the majority of the judges came from Viktor Tkachenko & Yuliya Lukina who placed second overall in two dances and third in the Tango. For us it was not as clear, we found Viktor & Yuliya’s Smooth a little over baring with lots of power, speed and they were hard to miss but with little substance in the end.  Somehow it gave us the feeling we were watching a combination of bad Latin and Ballroom all chopped up and thrown in. We really enjoyed Christopher & Jenny Sochnaki’s interpretation, perhaps a little to subtle at times but with great possibilities 3,2,4,3. Fourth was awarded to Dmitriy Kusmeko & Andrea Lynn 4,4,3,4, and fifth went to Vadim Safonov & Alina Safonova and they took fifth in every dance.

TST15-rhythmhere was only three couples entered in the Rhythm and the trophy went to Viktor Tkachenko &Yulia Lukina and they won every dance.  Second were Dmitriy Kusmeko & Andrea Lynn 3,2,2,2,2 and third were David Valenzuela & Carolinna Pirvuica 2,3,3,3,3. It is wonderful to see Rhythm and Smooth really take root in Canada, the couples were all very proficient so we are sure to see some brilliant professional and amateur events take place between US and Canada soon.

The Pro/Am Showdance was also a main feature in this year’s Tulip finale.  Here there were four couples entered, all very capable and very well sorted. The Tulip Pro/am ShowDance went to Carolyn Reed with teacher Carlos Zapata, who did not disappoint us and in Carlo’s style managed some very difficult and well-executed lift work. Second overall went to another gem when it comes to showdance and that was Marguerite Daniels w/ Tibor Kerekes.  Marguerite did an interesting old western style west coast swing with horse and all and just like the number she performed earlier in the night (Jake the Pake) this too was brilliant, making it a difficult decision for the judges. Third was Jackie Marchegiano w/ Dmitry Ilyushenkov and fourth was Wendy Ziemiak w/Mohtar Sabir, all four excellent events.

The ST15-Boys with toysevening concluded with a fabulous after party where we ate and danced to our hearts’ content. Mr. Ruddick’s desire is to have what we know to be a fun event and this was accomplished here at the Tulip Classic two times over.  I (Didio Barrera) absolutely loved my goose and I noticed the jealousy from a number of gentleman when I had my hands on “Smokey,” so much so that Carole had to give them all one each! I was happy for that, because on the last night I would not dare bring “Smokey” down for fear of abduction! Yes you heard it right! So there, everyone was happy, Eddie got his elk, Scot got his elk, Clement a loose goose, not “smoky” because he has class! And David got Beaver. I hope the boys go after David now and leave my “Smoky” alone.

Thank you Carole for my goose and Scott for putting on such a fun competition we all had a wonderful time and I think the students all had a blast.  

Dance among the Tulips!

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ST15Tulip WinetaistingThe Spring Tulip Classic here in Canada, so far has been a total “experience!” The first day we headed to a couple of wineries where we sampled and saw how wine is made. Canada, being known for there dessert wines, did not disappoint.  Some were sweet and smooth like a tulip itself. The dinner following the excellent tour was also terrific.

Yesterday was a full day packed with Pro/Am Rhythm and Ballroom dancing. The ballroom was beautifully decorated and from beginning to end it was all about having fun while doing what we like best - Dancing.

TST15-Tulip Gusehe Canadian stuffed animals like the geese, bears and others were displayed and given to the children for their participation in the competition - an excellent idea.  Many of them walked away with happy faces even when they placed second.  Perhaps we should do this also for grownups, LOL. We now have a Dance Beat goose that will be migrating to South Florida, not sure how we came to own one, and no! We did not take it from one of the kids!  Let’s just say we had too much fun.

Tonight is the finale and we expect to see some professionals take to the floor as well as some Smooth and Latin scholarships - so looking forward to more of the Tulip Classic.  

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