Elite Dancesport 2022

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Elite Dancesport 2022

Shining gold balloons parade through the hotel lobby walking all the attendants to the ballroom.

The Elite Dancesport is about to open its doors to all the dance enthusiasts, geared up in their “dress to impress” Halloween outfits, ready to start the party and enjoy the first session, the nightclub night of the event, with the hosts, Andre and Natalie Paramonov greeting us dressed in their vibrant red devil’s outfits.

The ballroom was classy yet bright and welcoming: it was as if we immersed into the world of brightly shining stars. Almost everyone in the ballroom from the competitors to adjudicators were dresses up. Costumes varied from good to evil - from a Nun to a Dracula, Sharks and Skeletons, Witches and Wizards, Hippies and Cupids, a King and Princesses, Minions and the best costume of all, the ultimate winner of the night - the Shower - the most creative costume of the night: it had it all - the curtain, the shower, a rubber ducky and even the BUBBLES…

The night was exciting, the floor - full of dancers. Everyone was enjoying themselves: from dancing to having some BBQ and Ice-cream.

We must also mention the music choices by the DJ on the night were great, taking all back in time with some of the favorite hits, enhanced by the narratives of the amazing MC, Vince Bailey - the Barry White of the industry - soothing the mood with his very captivating voice.

As the new day started, everyone changed into their glamor dress code and started the day two with Smooth first than Latin events. Few of the events were not only well attended, but also quite competitive, with semis and seven-couple finals.

The Closed Silver Smooth was a great event where the top three results could vary between the couples. The winner of all dances was Susan Wells and Marcin Tomaszevski. Second in all – Audrey Schwarzbein and Auris Petrulevcius. Third were Karen Knauth and Philip Gott.

Open A Latin was another great event with some strong dancing. The winners were Anna Brown with her teacher Andrey Tarasov (first in all dances). Second went to Eliese Holt and Daniel Vasco (32223). Third - Viktoriya Dilay and David P. Nyemchek (23342). Fourth - Liza Minasyan and Armen Way (44434). Fifth - Angela Volarevic and Vartan Zakhariants (55655). Sixth - Elizabeth Fuchs and Timur Valiev (66566).

The evening was all dedicated to Youth and Amateur as well as some of the Professional categories.

The Rising Star Latin was a small but a high energy event. First in all dances were Oleksii Fedorov and Anastasiia Komneva. Second in all - Ivan Romanov and Viktoriia Antoniuk. Third -Artem Syzdykov and Ekaterina Syzdykova. And fourth - Feizhou Peng and Lyvia Zanger.

The Open Professional Ballroom was very small with only three participants.
The easy winners were Mirko Spano and Pamela Romano. Second - Aleksey Chebotar and Ekaterina Khoreva. Third - David Fan and Megan Bliss.

The Open Professional Rhythm was the best event of the night with a six couple final. The winners, taking all five dances quite easily, were Ilia Bardaham and Oxana Kashkina. Second went to John Bernal and Bailey Carrillo. Third and fourth were decided by a rule 11: third going to Jhondarr Lopez and Ashley Mattingly and fourth - Stanislav Morozov and Kseniia Tashkinova.

Stanislav and Kseniia were also the winners of the Professional Cabaret division. Fifth were Joseph Lettig and Madeline Varlam Lettig. They were also the winners of the Rising Star Smooth division and third in the Professional Cabaret. Sixth in all went to John Swiger and Lacey Bihari.

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