San Antonio Classic 2021

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A Full Day of Competition

Here we go! Seven in the morning with a packed floor of country dancers commencing this long day!

Of course - it's Texas - and where else can we see such energy in some really good country dancing.

We smoothly transitioned into the American Smooth and International Ballroom portions of the competition, with some good semifinals in the scholarships.

Once the awards were given out, without much hesitation, we merged into the Latin and Rhythm interchange. Although at first we thought that might be confusing, it actually turned out to be a rather good solution for a busy one-day event, making it quite efficient thanks to the hardworking chairman and officials. The evening Gala dinner was wonderful with an amazing show by Travis and Jaimee Tuft. Even the Baby Shark made an appearance, marking a perfect start for the Neon Nightclub night.

It was great seeing the creative approach most of the competitors took in their costume choices as well. Truly an exciting night. This was the perfect way to end the competition, with high energy and every single participant having a blast. Congratulations to the organizers Eddie, Sveta and Jason on a really successful event.

San Antonio Classic 2021

We Arrived early at San Antonio Classic.

As the charming organizers, Eddie Stutts, Sveta and Jason Daly are working hard making the final touches for this charming one day competition that's tripled in size this year, we get to enjoy the beauty and history this town has to offer.

And what better way to start one’s morning than with cup of coffee exploring the miles-long river promenade at the San Antonio River.  As the sun rises, the Riverwalk also wakes up one store and restaurant at a time. While some people are jogging and canoeing, others are feeding the ducks in the river that follow one as they walk by (reminding of competitors hungry for opinion on their dancing, as they leave the competition floor, following the judges with their eyes).

This quite enchanting area sets the perfect mood for a successful and truly fun weekend ahead.

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