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Dance Life Coaching - Forget the past and press

Forget the Past and Press Forward The title of this article actually comes from a sentence written in the Bible: “Forgetting What Lies Behind, And Pressing Forward To What Lies Ahead.” This is
  • Healthy Danciing - How Varicose Veins Can Affect

    How Varicose Veins Can Affect Your Athletic Performance Part I Most readers, seeing the title of the article, will be surprised and wonder "what does this have to do with dancers?!" It is
  • The Power of Beauty - Ohio 2017

    Power of Beauty - Ohio 2017 In this column I would like to talk about couples’ choices for their looks on the floor. Let’s take Ohio Star Ball 2017 Smooth Division as an example. I’m not sure
  • Grand Nationals 2017 - A Traveling Show!

    Grand National Championships 2017 - The Traveling Show! The 2017 hurricane season played havoc with the US dancesport calendar. Most obviously affected were the USDC that ended as Hurricane

Pro-Am Spotlight, Renee Kuwahara

Pro-Am Spotlight – Renee Kuwahara Dancing … When approached about writing this piece, I thought to myself “who would want to read about my life and the factors that led me into the ballroom dance
  • Pro-Am Spotlight – Lynn Murrell

    Pro-Am Spotlight – Lynn Murrell Ten little known facts about Lynn Murrell:   1. I collect vintage Barbie and Ken clothes for my original dolls that I played with in 1960.2. I had the roll of
  • Pro-Am Spotlight, Quin Bomelje

    “I DANCE TO LIVE” Nine years ago, I never knew what the words “I Dance to Live” meant. Today, I can say with conviction that dancing has brought me to a new way of living. My dance story began
  • Pro-Am Spotlight, Lisa Lowery

    Pro-Am Spotlight - Lisa Lowery Ballroom Dancing: An Accidental Discovery of Self, Love, and Happiness Although I have been a student of dance (ballet and jazz) most of my life, strangely enough I

Coming soon: Healthy Dancing by Oleksandr

DanceBeat is excited to announce our new upcoming column written by Oleksandr Kamniev, MD who also happens to be an IDSA World Champion 2014, EDSF European Champion 2015, coach, trainer and certified
  • The Making of Mrs. Paul Holmes

    The Making of Mrs. Paul Holmes Tell me about how and when you got started in fashion design? Fuki: Fashion design is who I always was.   Did you study it? Fuki: I finished fashion
  • Ruby Castro on So You Think You Can Dance

    We would like to congratulate our very own, Ruby Castro, on an amazing accomplishment on this season of So You Think You Can Dance. Ruby finished 6th place on the live show from thousands of dancers
  • Boston Ready to Host World Championships:

        Boston Ready to Host World Championships: Columbus Day Weekend 2016 Boston, MA – Since the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) has approved bids from competition organizers in Boston, MA to

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