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The Crown Jewel of Dancesport 2024

Aptly, the “Crown Jewel” of Dancesport is run in one of the Crown Jewels of American Hotels – the Ritz Carlton.

Texas Hospitality at the Texas Challenge 2024

It’s always a pleasure to attend a well-organized and friendly dance competition!

2024 United States National Amateur Adult Smooth Championship

This is one of the most beloved divisions at the Amateur Nationals, with 31 promising couples in the first round this year.

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Miami in Fort Lauderdale?

This year the Miami Vibe once again traveled north to Fort Lauderdale.

Philadelphia Dancesport Championships 2024

The strong winds and grey skies followed us from one weekend to another as we left the Windy City behind, arriving in Philly for the Philadelphia Dancesport Championships.

Amateur National Ballroom Championships

Utah Nationals hold a very special place in my heart. I’ve been coming here for the last 24 years.

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Windy City Open

With the storm hovering over Chicago, with many flights being delayed or canceled, the stress of how smoothly the weekend at the Windy City Open would go was questionable.

TriState a Home Away from Home!

The TriState Championships located on the northeast of the United States, servs three different states, and it continues to provide great entertainment, great competition, whether it's pro-am or professional events, they're all excellent.

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