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USA Dance 2016 National Elections - Meet Your Candidates!

The membership of USA Dance, Inc. elects national officers every three years and DanceSport delegates to serve terms of two or four years. All elected officers, delegates and later appointed directors and committee chairpersons serve USA Dance as volunteers.

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AMI Future in Mind!

Arthur Murray International is very progressive when it comes to investing in their commodity For most of the day yesterday we saw professional dancing competitions. Their professionals competed in everything from the sexy Bachata, to the 4 open styles, in all levels and in all categories.

That was a “WILD” Card!

Last night we saw the 6th leg of the Star International Latin Tour at the impressive Hollywood Dancesport, held in Universal City, California.

Embassy Ball 2016 - Professional Latin

As I was approached to write the Open Professional Latin report for Embassy Ball I asked myself the question – “Would it be different to write from the perspective of a judge that judged the event and not an observer of the competition?” And so the answer was revealed to me by writing my thoughts now.

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Unprecedented Finish To The World 10!

It was an unprecedented finish to the WDC World Professional 10 Dance Championships at the Grand National’s on Key Biscayne, FL.

Pro Ballroom and Amateur Events Headline Last Night!

Smooth Ball!

It was a Smooth Ball at the Chicago Harvest Moon Ball last night at it was all about the Professional Rising Stars and the Showdance couples, but in the Rising Star Smooth we had the most couples with a full quarter-final round making an incredible showing for Smooth dancing and a very entertaining evening for the audience.

Honoring the Greats!

Last night we had the honor of being able to truly “Honor” one of America’s most prestigious couples in our industry, Mr. and Mrs. McDonald at the DBDC.

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